Sell Used Sporting Goods

Another sporting season comes to an end. The final score is settled, your team celebrates its victories, reflects on its losses and parts ways until tip-off next year. Or, maybe you have reached your fitness goals and no longer have a need for your fitness equipment.

But, what happens to all of that used equipment?

We’d bet that, at this point, your treadmill has become your clothes hanger. If you play multiple sports, chances are that your used gear sits in the back of your closet or garage – never to be remembered until the next season rolls around. That’s assuming it still fits. And, if you don’t plan to stick with that particular sport for the long haul, your used pads are probably doubling as a hat rack or centerpiece.

Allow us to help you out.

2nd Time Sports invites athletes across all levels of sports to sell their outgrown or unwanted sporting gear and equipment. Let us take that used gear and equipment off of your hands and purchase it from you for a fair price.

We’ll also purchase your used bicycles, camping gear, fitness and exercise equipment, cleats and clothing.

Seriously get top quality sporting goods that are gently used and like new. You can’t go wrong and you can’t beat the prices. You will be amazed at the wide variety of things you can get.

– Matt Erickson – 5 star review of 2nd Time Sports

Love this place! I crave competition and have a passion for being athletic, and they were able to help me keep my game at top speed.

– Debbie Mollé – 5 star review of 2nd Time Sports