Donate Used Sporting Goods & Exercise Equipment

How many pieces of used sporting goods and fitness equipment are lying around your home? We’d guess that there are quite a few.

Perhaps you’re a parent whose child has long outgrown youth sports. Or, maybe you’re wondering what to do with that full set of catcher’s gear following your child’s single-season trial run. For many families involved in youth sports, it’s not uncommon for your garage to fill up with odds and ends over time – protective pads and shin guards and helmets – years of sports participation all summed up in one big pile. Sure, the memories are sweet. But, peace of mind is sweeter.

Whether you’re spring cleaning, tackling a New Years Resolution, or you’re just ready to see what your basement floor looks like again, 2nd Time Sports can help. We’re always accepting used sporting goods and fitness equipment and adding them to our inventory.

Pile up that used equipment and let us handle the rest. Your used sporting goods will be a tremendous source of relief for families of young athletes and thrift shoppers. More important, they’ll count as one less thing standing between you and a clutter-free home.

Not sure what to donate? Bring it in anyway! From water sports to badminton to ellipticals and beyond, 2nd Time Sports stocks items for just about any physical activity. Visit the 2nd Time Sports location nearest you for more information about how to donate your used sporting goods, fitness equipment, clothing, shoes and more!