We carry and accept the following equipment:

  • Adult Golf Club Sets
  • Junior Golf Club Sets
  • Iron Sets
  • Drivers
  • Putters
  • Golf Shoes
  • Stand Bags
  • Golf Balls
  • Golf Accessories

Used Golf Equipment Including Second Hand Golf Clubs & More

Get ready to grace the green in style with quality golf gear and equipment. 2nd Time Sports allows you to buy, sell, trade and donate new and like-new golf equipment and apparel. Whether you’re looking for a new set of clubs to suit your swing or a fresh pair of golf shoes, 2nd Time Sports can help you find everything you’ll need for tee time.

Golf club regripping services

Do you have your own set of golf clubs? Do the grips need replacing? Let our team at 2nd Time Sports help you find the correct grip size and material for your hands, playing level and weather conditions. Bring in your clubs the moment you notice cracks, faded spots or shiny patches – all signs of wear. A suitable, comfortable grip helps improve your swing. Don’t pass on an opportunity to up your game – let 2nd Time Sports regrip your golf clubs in-store at an affordable cost.

Golf club polishing services

Polishing your golf clubs on a regular basis is about more than maintaining their appearance – it is a critical part of a club maintenance routine. Regular polishing helps to protect your golf clubs from rust and elemental damage while removing leftover debris on the face of your club to ensure a clean hit.

Look no further than 2nd Time Sports to polish your golf club set. Our team will carefully restore your clubs to stellar, shiny condition.